Wednesday, November 9, 2011

E-Book Covers of the Future!

Electronic books are still a new-ish commodity, and already there are innovations on the horizon. UK children and YA publishing house Walker Books just announced their new plan for upcoming e-books: interactive book covers.

For its February publication of Daylight Saving by Edward Hogan, Walker Books will provide an e-book cover of the novel which responds to the reader's touch. Literary agent, Jonny Geller, tweeted in response: are interactive covers "better than a book trailer?"

Regardless, here is a bit about Hogan's debut novel (which of course fits perfectly with the clock switch from over the weekend), as per the online blog GalleryCat:

"Today, in fact right this second, the clocks are going back an hour. For most of us, this is a fantastic day as it means we get an extra hour to stay wrapped under the duvet, safe in our beds. But for one of the mean characters in Edward Hogan's debut young adult novel, Daylight Saving, this time of year brings nothing but's a thriller ghost story by a new voice in YA fiction that will have you utterly gripped. We can also tell you that this very night, when the clocks go back, is one that fills the characters with dread."

To win a chance to own an early copy of the book, leave a comment about your reaction to the innovative cover on the Under Cover Reads blog.

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