Monday, October 24, 2011

Ayn Rand Collected Stamps and Zadie Smith Appreciates A Good Two-Step

Who knew, right? Check out the full Flavorwire list: Surprising Hobbies of Favorite Authors. Franz Kafka had a secret porn collection? Not particularly surprising. But Sylvia Plath was a closet beekeeper? How delightful! In a 1962 interview, she was asked about her relationship with fellow authors. And she said:

"I much prefer doctors, midwives, lawyers, anything but writers...I must say what I admire most is the person who masters an area of practical experience, and can teach me something. I mean, my local midwife has taught me how to keep bees. Well, she can't understand anything I write. And I find myself liking her, may I say, more than most poets."

It's good to know writers aren't always just obsessed with words. It makes Stephen King's lesser known side career as the guitarist of The Rock Bottom Remainders seem more fitting.

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