Thursday, October 13, 2011

Readers Got It Right With "The Rights Stuff"

Australian children's books have begun to outsell adult literature, according to a survey by trade magazine Bookseller+Publisher. Australian authors such as Sonya Hartnett (2008 Astrid Lindgren winner) and Carole Wilkinson are among the writers on the 2011 International Youth Library White Ravens list, and kid's books continue to dominate the lit market through Australia. "[The country]," writer Andrew Wilkins notes, "is actually a highly multicultural and urbanised society and its children's publishing reflects this." In a refreshing change from the vampire and post-apocalyptic world of American YA books, Wilkins says that "an Australian young adult novel is as likely to portray the life of a young Australian Muslim girl as it is a historical or fantasy tale."

Read the full article at the Publishing Perspectives website.

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