Tuesday, October 25, 2011

This Sputnik Sweetheart Is Back

Haruki Murakami's newest book, 1Q84 (which was available in Japan in 2009), was released in the US last night at midnight, and Murakami fans went crazy. Several bookstores throughout the country had around-the-clock parties in honor of the award-winning author's newest novel.

Sellers like Three Lives & Company threw late-night celebrations. Check out photos from their major Launch Party here.

When 1Q84 was originally released, its first printing sold out in the same day. Like all of Murakami's novels, the work has already been translated into multiple languages. The author's last published book, After Dark, has been translated into 15 languages since it's initial Japan publication in 2004, including Russian, Polish, and Lithuanian.

1Q84 had a record breaking first day of sales in the US as well. Read the NPR book review here, where writer Alan Cheuse refers to it as 900 pages of "a gorgeous festival of words."

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